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Amber dates are one of the finest of Medina dates. Amber is a soft and fleshy dry variety of dates. It is harvested in Medina and is well renowned for its large size


Mabroom dates are deliciously sweet and sticky, with light red-bronze skin and a lingering toffee-like taste on the palate. They have a smooth and pleasant flavour but are much firmer than other dates.


Ajwa dates provide the body with a high percentage of proteins, minerals and vitamins. It is also effective in preventing abdominal cancer, anaemia and many other diseases..


Safawi dates are characteristically identified by their particular deep black colour and consist of medium and long fruits. The Safawi date resembles the Ajwa date concerning the refined structure and taste.


Sukkari fruit was observed to be a good source of energy and fiber. Sukkari dates are nutritious and can play a major role in human nutrition and health and an important nutritional source of minerals.

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